Thursday, July 4, 2013

Time Pieces: A Cultivated Distraction as Post-Wave Feminism by Marina Eckler

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Time Pieces is Marina Eckler's MFA Thesis from Maine College of Art and deals with the issues, conflicts and mechanics of motherhood and art practice:

While scholars debate about whether or not we’ve entered a period of  “post-feminism” or “fourth-wave feminism,” it can be argued that the art practice of  working mothers requires a redefinition of  the conditions of  making art in the context of  a post-wave feminism that presumes that the “situational concomitants of  intelligence and talent generally, not merely of  artistic genius” must always take the limits of  time and money into account. I posit that a conceptual, de-centered, post-studio practice of  “cultivated distraction” and interdependence should be the very “situational concomitant” by which the greatness of  post-wave feminist art must be considered and judged.

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