Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Launch Press Release

 The New Heave-Ho Press Launches

July 4, 2013


Almost 10 years after stapling the last of the Angry Dog Midget Editions, Noel Black, author of Uselysses (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2011), returns to the publishing game with The New Heave-Ho (, an online-only, new .PDF press that will publish only downloadable  letter-sized .PDFs of manuscripts for free with voluntary payment options.

A manifesto for the new .PDF press accompanies the launch. It can be read HERE. (You can also read the draft that includes annotation and conversation with by poet and publisher Anna Moschovakis of Ugly Duckling Presse HERE.). The manifesto argues, among other things, for greater access to hard-to-find small-press poetry manuscripts/proofs and facsimiles for those  in geographically isolated areas and without the economic resources.
In conjunction with the launch of The New Heave-Ho, Black is pleased to release La Goon as .PDF, his first full-length manuscript since Uselyesses, and Marina Eckler's thesis: Time Pieces: Cultivated Distraction as No-Wave Feminism, submitted for her recent MFA in visual art. Future projects will include facsimiles of past publishing projects, serialized novels and an anthology of avant-comic and satirical poetry. Selections from La Goon will also be released as a chapbook on Furniture Press Books later this year.
Partly as a result of Black's conversations about .PDF publishing with Anna Moschovakis and Matvei Yanklevich, Ugly Duckling Presse will also release Black's Uselysses as a .PDF proof along with several other author-approved proofs and more to come. Those books will be available at You can read UDP's complete press release about their new .PDF publishing initiative HERE

Please contact Noel Black at darksandal at gmail with any questions about The New Heave-Ho, or contact Anna Moschovakis at anna at uglyducklingpresse dot org for questions about UDP's new initiative or her comments on the Manifesto for the new .PDF press.

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